PHOTO SHOOT 29th October

{ antique cotton crop top; early 1900s. }

{ antique cotton and lace top; mid to late 1800s. }

{  antique gauze linen top;  early 1900s. }

{ Edwardian gown. early 1900s. }



PHOTO SHOOT 27th of October

today's shoot!
stylistically we hit the mark.

{ above:  late 1930s rayon lbd with glass beaded peplum.
below:  incredibly rare 1930s two piece orange necklace and bracelet with semi-precious stones. }

{ black and gold cheongsam cotton top. mid century. }

{ cotton edwardian or victorian blouse with lace and ribbon accents.  early 1900s. }

{  this vintage dress is as good as gold! }

{ this cotton frock is printed with light pin stripes!  1950s/60s. }

{ and this sweet chiffon will make you - quite literally - two shades of pink!  1930s. }



.... and below are some art photos we took for funzies ....


PHOTO SHOOT 24th October

what lovely weather we had today!  Sunny and 70 degrees... feels more like spring than late autumn!

and here are the sweet treats from today's photo shoot.

{ super cute corduroy mini dress with gold buttons down the back; 1960s. }

{ disco inferno!  one piece strapless with enormous lace bell bottoms from 'Funky'; 1970s. }

{ adorable rayon top with sailor neck and asymmetrical waist buttons; 1940s. }

{ lovely three piece: top, sundress and belt; 1940s. }

{ helloooo fancy pants!  gorgeous chiffon gown; 1960s. }

{ amazing two piece in linen; Victorian period. }


and THIS number.... 

{ if I had a ranch in the country I would wear this every day to go horseback riding. }

{ LOVE IT! }

{ showgirl dance costume; mid century. }



PHOTO SHOOT 22nd October

feast your eyes upon today's Shoot.
ever so much deliciousness...
we do hope you enjoy!

{ edwardian gauze cotton top with bell cuffs and tatted trim. }

{ Victorian blouse with ruffles and pin tucks galore. }

{ Amazing antique crochet top. }

{ Antique cotton tank with lace and ribbon. }

{ 1940s sheer organza top with embroidery detail. }

{ And this gorgeous Edwardian gown with peplum, lace, embroidery and pin tucks! }


Taylor Swift in Vague

Pleased to present our latest appreciation photo...

Taylor Swift in a vintage gown from Vera Vague!

That's right: Taylor Swift shops with Vera Vague!

 The still of Ms. Swift is from her appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show.

Watch the dress in action here:

{ So crazy! }



this gorgeous tree is across the street from our studio, and i've been taking photos of it as it changes. 
(day 4 is missing because i was at a wedding; days 13-16 are missing because we were on a job Down South.  cheers! :) ...