Banksy in New York: Better Out Than In

Banksy, everyone's favorite subversive street artist, is at it again 
... this time in New York City.
His latest project, Better Out Than In, is a month-long plot to 
"host an entire show on the streets of New York".

One new Banksy piece each day in October?  
Yes please and thank you.

{ Day one:  "Graffiti", October 1st } 

{ "This is my New York accent"; October 2, 2013 }

For an audio tour of each piece, call the toll free number:  
1 800 656 4271.
Happy Banksing!

Banksy does more than graffiti:  watch the film he directed and stars in, 
'Exit Through the Gift Shop'.

{ follow Banksy's New York adventures on instagram here }

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