PHOTO SHOOT 28th November

today's shoot!
it was faaaaantastic, kids.  check it out...

{ fabulous wool & mink dress.  ca. 1960s }

{ oversized houndstooth!  ca. 1960s }

{ lovely wool two piece.  ca. 1950s }

{ fabulous houndstooth jacket.  ca. 1960s }

{ stellar herringbone jacket.  ca. 1950s }

{ gorgeous pink dress with lassos!  ca. 1930s }

{ lovely black wool jacket.  ca. 1950s }

{ wonderful MacIntosh jacket with lambswool collar and lining!  ca. 1980s }

{ pea green pea coat!  fuzzy.  ca. 1960s }

{ classy wool swing coat.  ca 1950s }

{ the cutest!  light as a feather, great print, pussy bow :)  ca. 1960s }


PHOTO SHOOT 27th November

Here's the scoop from today's photo shoot!

P.S.... I cut bangs!

{ rabbit fur coat with giant collar, yes please!  ca. 1960s }

{ fabulous rayon gown with velvet accents and lovely pleats.  ca. 1950s }

{ Slinky antique LBD with amazing ruching.  ca. late 1930s }

{ sweet shift from St. John Knits.  ca. 1960s } 

{ handmade teddy bear coat!  ca. 1970s }

{ great slubbed cotton daydress in pumpkin.  ca. 1960s }

{ gorgeous tinsel dress!  perfect for holiday hostessing. ca. 1960s }


Thanks Giving

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

( p.s. we are having a sale : )


PHOTO SHOOT 18th November

today's shoot with our model, Chloë Grace!

{ fabulous blue plaid dress; 1950s }

{ sassy gold satin gown; 1950s }

{ leather and fur!  1970s }

{ super cute toile dress; 1950s }

{ amazing military cape from 1982 }

{ cute pink floral top; 1970s }

{ sweet cotton tank; 1960s }

{ smart teal brocade dress; 1950s or 60s }

{ incredible faux fur coat; 1970s }

{ lovely jacket with wooden buttons; 1960s }

{ swiss dot sweetie!  comes with red slip; 1950s or 60s }

{ gorgeous red velvet swing coat; 1950s }

Royal Flush

I recently came across Printer Studio's customizable playing cards and spontaneously designed and ordered a deck right there!
They came in about a week, with their own plastic carrying case pro bono.


PHOTO SHOOT 15th November

{ velvet and chiffon gown, size extra large; 1960s }

{ above: vintage tank and slip-skirt; mid century }

{ cute dress with velvet top and tiered waist; 1980s }

{ amazing leather boots, size 6 1/2; Victorian Period }


PHOTO SHOOT: Grace-land

Big big big thanks to our lovely new model, Miss Chloë Grace!
She leant a hand (and arm and leg...) today, and we're so glad she did!
She's got the Vague Look...

{ sweet lace flapper dress }

{ late 1930s gown with Asian flair }

{ faux fur coat; 1960s }

{ teal wool dress; 1960s }

{ sweet mustard shift; 1960s }

{ amazing faux fur Abominable Snowman coat; 1960s or 70s }

{ gorgeous lace gown; 1930s }

{ the perfect pink toile day dress; 1960s }