Merry Samhain! Happy Halloween!

Happy Samhain, everyone!
The veil is thin and the spirits are restless.

It's my favorite time of the year, so I couldn't 
let it go by without posting a few 
spoooOOOOOooooooky vintage treats.
Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday!


{ I can't believe no one's photoshopped a knife in that there hand. }

{ double double toil and cute! }

{ notice she is giving the devil horns with her right hand... }

{ Guess who's coven to dinner? }

{ They just don't make 'em like this anymore. Sigh. }

Ghosts & Goblins....
{ Double exposure photography has been in existence practically since the advent of the medium... heh.  I said "medium". }

{ With a sudden realization Mary knew wasn't what was under the bed she must be wary of... }

{ Purported to be actual plague doctor masks.  Did they know how insane they looked?
Insanely awesome, that is. }

{ Clean your mean. }

{ Mary and Abe, together forevs. }


{ Cakes and ale, cakes and ale! }

{ Even the Lord of Darkness needs his exercise. }

{ Cheeky. }


{ Not sure if two men or one ugly lady and a dead guy..}

{ You may have seen this photo before, but I do so love it. }

{ It's a deadly gang! }

{ it took me a moment to fully see this one}

{ The post-mortem dangers of swanking. }

{ Skeleton, skeleton, come to me-- in abundance, three times three! }

Unnamed horrors...

{ Invasion of the Halloween snatchers }

{ I find this "stab" at a severed head septet more silly than scary, but perhaps that's just me.  }

{ THIS, however, is downright macabre. }

{ Louise Brooks looking phantas-tic. }

Do It your-own-self...

{ printable decorations. }

Merry Haunting one and all!








The other half of our recent shoot!

{ Such sophistication! Rayon LBD with gathers; 1940s. }

{ A lovely lavender ruched party gown with purple velvet bolero and matching waist tie! 1950s/60s. }

{ Gooooorgeous Oscar de la Renta crochet dress, ca. 1960s-70s. Wow. }

{ Smart, darling! A wonderfully quirky hat in brown velvet with horsehair and bling; 1940s.  }

{ Completely reversible Japanese kimono with waist sash; 1940s. }

{ Silk flapper dress! Sheer, sleeves, sass... she's got it all. }