Grand Rapids Art Prize 2014

I had the opportunity and pleasure to visit some of the installations of the 2014 Grand Rapids Art Prize recently, and the things I saw amazed and inspired.

The sites I was able to visit during my short day trip were 
the UICA (Urban Institute for Contemporary Art), 
the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum)
 and SiTE:LAB at the Morton-- a gorgeous yet vacant hotel built in 1923, which has been leant to the SiTE:LAB organization to display various artists' works.

Disclaimer: The photos below were indeed taken with my phone camera, so please forgive their less-than professional quality.

{ above: the awe-inspiring 'Intersections', a 6.5' square cube of laser cut wood, with shadows cast 32-35 feet. By artist Anila Quayyum Agha . }


Below: The Morton Hotel, still glorious in its state of discomposure and decay.  It's rare that a building of this calibre in a condition of half-demolition is open to the public, let alone a scene for viewing sculpture, so mad props to SiTE:LAB for the opportunity.

{ above: The ballroom turned into a psychedelic disco light show. }

{ above: the basement of the hotel, underneath the street, including original bank vault, and more recently a DJ station, behind which is a mini skate park. }

{ above: the basement of the Morton leads into an adjacent building. Upon entering one finds oneself in a room filled with giant biblical sculptures that, I was informed, came from a derelict amusement park. }

{ above: sculptures on the 3rd floor, much of which revolved around piles of rock salt. }

{ above: the exterior of The Morton Hotel. }

{ above: a small portion of a large "wall of bees", an enclosed case filled with panels of wood sporting pencil sketches, upon which thousands of bees were creating their hives. }

 It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I'm glad I took advantage of it.