Sculptures of Livio Scarpella

I'm enamored of the gorgeous works by Italian artist 
Livio Scarpella, in his sculptural series 
"Ghost Underground".  

He took inspiration from the sketches of Antonio Corradini, whose death in 1752 predated the sculptures realized in marble by Giuseppe Sanmartino at the Sansevero Chapel, in Naples, Italy.

The juxtaposition of soft and hard, dull and bright, smooth and rough combine to create a striking, evocative story.  
Plus:  crystals!

{ above: "Anima Beata/Anima Dannata" or "The Blessed/The Damned", features quartz and amethyst at the hearts of each piece. }

From the site Officina de Camera
In the reality the ghost hidden in this artworks is the sculpture itself, the idea yet to be unveiled, to which [sic] the artist combine[s] the mineral rocks: hard hearts, premonition of the same precious essence of the work itself.

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Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker

I love Tilda Swinton.  Her look, her talent... the whole package.
Someone else I love?  Fashion photographer Tim Walker.
And what could be better than the two of them together!
Below are photos of some of their collaborations.

Below:  'Planet Tilda', a short film directed by Tim Walker.




Today's Eclectic Shoot! 

{ WOW!  Antique hi-lo hem silk dance ensemble in pinks! ca. 1920s-30s. }

{ The penguin dress!  ca. 1960s. }

{ Leather chaps! ca. 1970s. }

{ Splish splash!  Like, totally 80s. }

{ Adorable nightie or sundress! ca. 1960s. }

{ Wool you be my new dress?  ca. 1960s. }

{ The softest taffeta of ever!  ca. 1950s. }






Sail past the stars and over the moon with me,
and peek our recently acquired 
Deco-era Burlesque Showgirl costume! 

It's racy and delicious...
No imagination required! 
Completely comprised of white glass beads, mesh cups with studs and, uh... let's just call it a 
"mirrored modesty shield".


And so as not to leave anything out:
 we managed to shoot a few other pieces for the shop... 
{ 1930s dusty-blue silk maxi gown with dipped back.}

{ Silk embroidered blouse with Asian flair and bird motif; est. ca. 1960s. }

{ This blouse is truly special!  We found it in an 1880s brothel house, in a mining town out in the Wild West territory of the United States; it belonged to the original owner of the brothel and had been tucked safely away in the attic since the early 1930s!  A treasure unearthed!  Silk and embroidery. }

{ Such a unique and lovely blouse!  Hook closures at the collar and the waist band; 1960s. }