Sail past the stars and over the moon with me,
and peek our recently acquired 
Deco-era Burlesque Showgirl costume! 

It's racy and delicious...
No imagination required! 
Completely comprised of white glass beads, mesh cups with studs and, uh... let's just call it a 
"mirrored modesty shield".


And so as not to leave anything out:
 we managed to shoot a few other pieces for the shop... 
{ 1930s dusty-blue silk maxi gown with dipped back.}

{ Silk embroidered blouse with Asian flair and bird motif; est. ca. 1960s. }

{ This blouse is truly special!  We found it in an 1880s brothel house, in a mining town out in the Wild West territory of the United States; it belonged to the original owner of the brothel and had been tucked safely away in the attic since the early 1930s!  A treasure unearthed!  Silk and embroidery. }

{ Such a unique and lovely blouse!  Hook closures at the collar and the waist band; 1960s. }