Sculptures of Livio Scarpella

I'm enamored of the gorgeous works by Italian artist 
Livio Scarpella, in his sculptural series 
"Ghost Underground".  

He took inspiration from the sketches of Antonio Corradini, whose death in 1752 predated the sculptures realized in marble by Giuseppe Sanmartino at the Sansevero Chapel, in Naples, Italy.

The juxtaposition of soft and hard, dull and bright, smooth and rough combine to create a striking, evocative story.  
Plus:  crystals!

{ above: "Anima Beata/Anima Dannata" or "The Blessed/The Damned", features quartz and amethyst at the hearts of each piece. }

From the site Officina de Camera
In the reality the ghost hidden in this artworks is the sculpture itself, the idea yet to be unveiled, to which [sic] the artist combine[s] the mineral rocks: hard hearts, premonition of the same precious essence of the work itself.

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