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PHOTO SHOOT: 11.11.14

Today's photo shoot!

1910s silk gown.

1910s cotton dress with butterflies.

Militaristic 1930s dress.

Pretty pink frock; 1960s.

Antique intricate black gown.

1950s party gown.

1940s woven blazer.

1970s cardigan sweater.

Hipster hunting hat.

Soft leather duster.



Merry Samhain! Happy Halloween!

Happy Samhain, everyone!
The veil is thin and the spirits are restless.

It's my favorite time of the year, so I couldn't 
let it go by without posting a few 
spoooOOOOOooooooky vintage treats.
Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday!


{ I can't believe no one's photoshopped a knife in that there hand. }

{ double double toil and cute! }

{ notice she is giving the devil horns with her right hand... }

{ Guess who's coven to dinner? }

{ They just don't make 'em like this anymore. Sigh. }

Ghosts & Goblins....
{ Double exposure photography has been in existence practically since the advent of the medium... heh.  I said "medium". }

{ With a sudden realization Mary knew wasn't what was under the bed she must be wary of... }

{ Purported to be actual plague doctor masks.  Did they know how insane they looked?
Insanely awesome, that is. }

{ Clean your mean. }

{ Mary and Abe, together forevs. }


{ Cakes and ale, cakes and ale! }

{ Even the Lord of Darkness needs his exercise. }

{ Cheeky. }


{ Not sure if two men or one ugly lady and a dead guy..}

{ You may have seen this photo before, but I do so love it. }

{ It's a deadly gang! }

{ it took me a moment to fully see this one}

{ The post-mortem dangers of swanking. }

{ Skeleton, skeleton, come to me-- in abundance, three times three! }

Unnamed horrors...

{ Invasion of the Halloween snatchers }

{ I find this "stab" at a severed head septet more silly than scary, but perhaps that's just me.  }

{ THIS, however, is downright macabre. }

{ Louise Brooks looking phantas-tic. }

Do It your-own-self...

{ printable decorations. }

Merry Haunting one and all!