PHOTO SHOOT Monday 30th July

so many great vintage things, so little time!
here's what we shot today:

{ sheer polka dot gown.  1940s. }

{ lizard skin purse.  1960s. }

{large round hat with chin strap.  mid century. }

{sheer brown mesh top.  1930s. }

{super fabulous studded cap.  1930s. }

{ military boots circa WWI, 19-teens. }

{ edwardian blouse with ribbon.  1900s. }

{ edwardian blouse with lace.  1900s. }

{ floppy hat with white underbrim.  1960s. }

{ crocheted layering piece.  1960s? }

{ victorian blouse, back embroidery.  late 1800s. }

{ green plaid dress, dipped back, yellow tulle underskirt.  1950s}

{ i couldn't be more in love with these handmade overalls.  1960s. }

{ chantilly blouse with sailor bow.  1940s. }

{ cotton blouse with lace from 'Judy Bond'.  1940s }

{ minty blue leather purse.  1960s.}

{sheer peach organza dress with waffle texture & matching belt.  1940s. }

{ edwardian cotton top with crochet.  1900s. }