PHOTO SHOOT 2nd December

today was, oddly enough, our very first photo shoot using two models at once.
Chloë and Vera double teamed the modeling sitch without a hitch.
checker out!

{ incredible antique mesh blouse.  circa late 1800s to turn of century. }

{ super classy satin LBD.  1960s. }

{ fabulous little cropped Edwardian top.  1910s. }

{ vixen in velvet!  1940s taffeta and velveteen dress. }

{ gorgeously embroidered Edwardian top, 1910s. }

{ silk and ruffles! ca. 1920s or pre. }

{ silk embroidered ecru blouse.  1920s. }

{ sassy plaid two piece! cropped blazer and wiggle dress.  1950s//60s. }

{ this floral dress has a peplum!  ca. 1940s. }

{ similar to our 'Gold Rush' dress, found HERE.  ca. 1920s }

{ adorable!  ca. 1940s/50s. }