Love Looks Not with the Eyes but with the Mind

I recently acquired a copy of Anne Deniau's book, 'Love Looks Not With The Eyes; Thirteen Years with Lee Alexander McQueen'.

I've long been a fan of Mr. McQueen and the way he challenged conventional ideals of how beauty and art were perceived, mixing, in the words of Ms. Deniau, "strength and fragility; both extremes."But now that I've held this [hefty] book in my hands and thumbed through its glossy pages-- some with full color bleed out to the edges-- I can say that I'm a fan of Anne Deniau, as well.  
With her camera and a honed aesthetic sense of the beauty of the moment she captured an intimate look at couture fashion shows, following one of the most unique, controversial and respected designers in the business.
It's a heady world to delve into.

{the artist (L) with model Kate Moss. }

{ Lee Alexander McQueen, 17 March 1969 - 11 February 2010 }