{ Mr. Vague and I went out driving in the country today, and stopped at a few dusty old places.  It's always fun to browse around, but today we took home something we're super excited about:  This painting! }

{ We fell in love with it.  The texture and brushstrokes and every little line of it are just beautiful.  Dark and sweet, just the way we like it.  Signed at the bottom and dated 1966.  }


{ we visited a little "village" of authentic Victorian homes, stores, millinery workshops, churches and schools. }


{ i find it hard to pass by old photographs without spending an abundance of time gazing into their worlds.  i fall in love with the past so easily... }

{ i find it somewhat sad that after all is said and done, our lives are reduced to paper memories traded for dollars by strangers.  
or perhaps that's just another chapter in the story of the travels of our lives... }

 { old stuff is great stuff! }