The Art of Misato Suzuki

Each time I come across images of the workS of Misato Suzuki here in Internet Land, I am re-inspired by them; I can't get enough of her unique vision, with it's striking color palate, abstract overtones and raw, - at times almost unfinished - execution.  "Whimsical" is a word I actively avoid using, but the term just might aptly apply to Ms. Suzuki's works.

And so... enjoy:  Misato Suzuki!

"Daydreaming Hammocks"; 2010

above:  "Aurora"; 2010

"A Few Hours of Sunlight"; 2010

"Early Summer Rain"; 2011 - This is the painting that first spawned my admiration of Ms. Suzuki

"Unidas Arrows"; 2006

"Trico"; 2006

"Rainbow Turbulence"; 2006

"Rain Drops"; 2005

"Kettle"; 2009

 "Dwelling"; 2008

"Circle"; 2009

"Tapas"; 2005


{ for more fun, visit Misato's blog:  alittlepainter.blogspot.com}