The Stylings of Gertie Millar

In 1892, Gertie Millar was 13 years old and already beginning her career as a singer and actress in her home country of England.

 She became particularly known for Edwardian Musical Comedies at the Gaiety Theatre in London -- in fact she is considered to be one of the most photographed women of the Edwardian period.
Ms. Millar lived through some of the most interesting eras, in my opinion:  born in February of 1879 during the Victorian Period she lived until in the spring of 1952, the dawn of the Atomic Age.  

And she was wildly popular in her lifetime, an icon of the theater; the Gaiety's stage-door-keeper is quoted as saying:
{  ‘Miss Gertie Millar is an example of what talent and personality will do on the stage. There was a time when police had to marshal the crowds that gathered round the theatre to catch even a fleeting glimpse of her, as with her Pekingese, she darted from stage-door to motor-car’ (The Gaiety Stage Door, 1923, p. 55). }

But I must admit it's her personal style that really strikes me.  
So enough with the history lesson!  On with the fashion!

{ above:  Gertie c.1906 to 1918.  Below:  my favorite pictures of Gertie Millar; from her role as Jumping Jack in 'Bric-â-Brac', the musical comedy review, 1918.  Seen also is her dog, Chum. }

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In the clip below you can hear Gertie Millar talk and sing 'Chalk Farm To Camberwell Green', 1915.