Cabinet of Curiosities

We have a friend who's grandfather was a taxidermist, 
and her father operated a traveling museum; 
consequently she brings us weird things 
to look at and to photograph. 
Most recently, among this bevy was a gorilla skull 
and a collection of vintage glass eyes. 

Currently we're in possession of a taxidermy fox, artfully stuffed by her grandfather, and an elephant tooth from her father's traveling museum show... 
it's one of the strangest things I've ever seen.

{  thank you, Mr. Fox, for donating your body to art. }


{ This tooth is very old, and it's been repaired once or twice; the hole you see on the left was drilled and extracted in order to make buttons. }

{That's right:  it's not a sea urchin or some artifact from outerspace-
 it's an elephant tooth, and it weighs 19lbs!  Fascinating composition. }