The Art of Kumi Yamashita

I love it when art surprises me, and that is certainly the case with Kumi Yamashita.
Ms. Kumi's decidedly emotional and disparate works incorporate many different mediums:  shapes and shadow-play, needles and thread, expired credit cards, piles of garbage and even the soles of her shoes.
A picture's worth a thousand words, so I won't waste any more of my own.

{ Shadowplay:  simple stuff makes surprising shapes }

{ sheets of paper with minimal folds become faces at Kumi's hand }

{ above:  'CONSTELLATION - MANA'; hundreds of needles and one single thread }

{ above:  'Beckett In His Own Words'; a portrait of the very handsome Samuel Beckett made by rubbing embossed plates of pages from his journal }

{ above:  'Someone Else's Mess'; shoe prints on bed liners }

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