Amy Tan on Creativity: Out of Nothing Comes Something

I've been thinking a lot lately about my own creativity, 
where it comes from, where it goes when I feel it missing, 
and how to regain momentum during a 'dry spell'.

I think we all go through ebbs and flows, 
highs and lows of creative inspiration and output, 
but what can we do if we're just not feeling inspired?  
What steps can we take, what thoughts could we have, 
or should we just wait out the drought until another muse comes along?

So, in having these thoughts on my mind, I found it somewhat serendipitous to come across this TED Talk 
from author Amy Tan with her thoughts on creativity.
It's given me some new ideas concerning the thinking process.

And it's just an enjoyable watch.  When you have 20 minutes to spare, give it a look.  Who knows, you may be inspired.

From LearnOutLoud.com:

In this TED Talk author Amy Tan probes into the roots of creativity or how "out of nothing comes something". She examines her own life and the many influences that have fed into her novels. She also tells of the many fascinating coincidences that have happened to her over the years at key moments of creativity. It's an intriguing and often humorous talk from a beloved author.