Ran Ortner's Oceans

Ran Ortner is a water worshiper.

Or at least a devoted member of the congregation.
He's a a surfer and a hyper-realistic painter, but to say he merely paints the ocean would be misleading.  
He captures the sea, swallows it whole and releases it back into the world in pieces through his paint brush.

When I came across his work on the internet I was struck to say the least.  Was I looking at a photograph?  

I can draw a pretty convincing stick figure, but that's just about as far as my talent goes in that respect.
So this kind of talent baffles and amazes me.

Every little nuance of every swell, bubble and froth is captured perfectly.  
How does he do it!

I came across this video of Ran speaking about life and art at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) in 2010.

And here is a link to the trailer of a documentary in progress about Mr. Ortner, which promises to be great.

source, source.

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