Anke Domaske's Clothing Made from Milk

German fashion designer Anke Domaske has spent the past several years developing a fiber made from, you got it:  MILK!
  Frau Domaske and her team have come up with a recipe that takes sub-standard milk (that would have otherwise been thrown away), compounds it into pulp and then through a mechanical process, that pulp ends up as thread which is then woven into a fabric that is "very like silk."

You can wear it, wash it and it may even help you sweat less.
Incredible!  Genius!  And ecologically friendly.  Everybody wins.

Not quite the same thing, but equally as fascinating is Clothing Grown From Bacteria... could we be looking at the future of textiles?

{ find out more info here and here.   and for more food-inspired fashion, check this out. }

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