My Bookhouse ... Children's Fairy Tales

Along a stretch of back road there is an old train car which has been converted into a now-deserted restaurant, and next door is a "this-n-that" shop, half filled with crafty goods, half filled with junk.
I was in this little trinket shop the other day, and found the shelves rather sparse; in fact several booth renters were packing up their inventory while my friend and I perused the left over wares.  It turned out to be their last week in business.  As I rounded a corner, an old man was shoveling books from their place on the shelves into a box.
A certain set caught my eye, and when he offered to give me "a hell of a deal", I decided to bite.
And I'm ever so glad I did.

So I'm now the proud owner of this six-volume set of antique children's books from The Bookhouse for Children; copyright 1925, edited by Olive Beaupré Miller.  The pages of these lovely books are filled with classic stories (many I've never read, as they have become obscure through the ages) and the loveliest color illustrations.

See if you can guess which stories the illustrations go to...

{ from 'The Snow Queen', by Hans Christian Andersen }

{ a scene from the Inferno, by Dante Alighieri... yes, in a children's book! }

The set includes:  
In the Nursery, Volume I
Up One Pair of Stairs, Volume II
Through Fairy Halls, Volume III
The Treasure Chest, Volume IV
From the Tower Window V
and, The Latch Key, Volume VI