step through: The Secret Door

I recently came across a wondrous, fantastical place in the online world; a magical portal that takes you into nooks and corners of selective spaces in this world.
It's a virtual-tour of naturally formed wonders, of living, working, and playing places-- places you may never visit, and otherwise may never have known about.

  It's called The Secret Door...

The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

I have spent my fair share of time trolling the tunnels and corridors and tundras of these places, and I'd like to share some of my favorite findings.  If you desire to discover them on your own, Scroll No Further.  But there are hundreds of tableaus lying just beyond the Door, far too many to exemplify here, and you are sure to find worlds of your own beyond these.  So please, make yourselves at home, and happy travels...

{ above: inside an abandoned building in a little village (I'll let you guess where). }

{ above:  A little village tucked into the mountains of Japan houses Monkey Park.  }

{ above:  O Grand Canyon, one day I will see you for reals. }

{ you can travel through tunnels by rail... }

{ ... or down river by boat. }

{ above: This is a little scene from the paradise that is the Tumbira Community, in Brazil, along the Amazon river.  Here they are building an entire community of schools and research labs, with a focus on sustainability.  I want to go to there. }

{ above:  a misty forest path in the Pyrenees Mountains. }

{ above: this New York studio reminds me a lot of the place Mr. Vague and I used to have mixed with the one we now occupy. }

{ above and below:  Mr. Vague and I have been watching a lot of 'The West Wing' lately, and so when I found myself "in" The White House and able to wander around the rooms, well.  You can imagine my EXCITEMENT. }

{ the Secret Door spans the globe, indeed. }

{ above: pre-party view of an Amsterdam nightclub. }

{ above:  shocking colors highlight this otherwise desolate road in Norway. }

When I think of useful purposes for the internet, sitting at the top of the list is the idea of humanizing disparate cultures and bringing random snippets of daily life into our own worlds, making this sphere we live on a little smaller, and hopefully a bit more understood.
Where will you let the Secret Door take you?
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